nitrous oxide plant SS Gas Lab Asia nitrous oxide gas plant

nitrous oxide plant nitrous oxide plant nitrous oxide gas plant
Nitrous Oxide Gas Plant
Nitrous Oxide Gas Plant Nitrous Oxide Gas Plant


 The Advantages of N20 Plants
nitrous oxide gas plant
Safe and economical, SS Gas Lab nitrous oxide plants are highly functional in the separation of impurities. The decomposition reaction takes place under controlled conditions in our nitrous oxide plants. The precision configurations of our plant are carefully done in compliance with the industrial standards in order to give high yield.
  • The water-lubricated and water cooled compressor configured in our plant is better and durable in comparison with the air or oil cooled units available in the market.
  • We have installed gas balloons in our plant in place of gas holders. Advantages of the gas balloons are obvious.
  • Automatic controls ensure smooth decomposition operations. Further, the gas can be taken out, if needed.
  • Economical and ensures minimum water and power consumption.
  • Functional ease.
  • Our nitrous oxide plant has a double drying system.

Asian concept in plan design gives multiple benefits to our users

SS Gas Lab nitrous oxide plant is designed in compliance with the prevailing Asian conditions. Several considerations, viz. industrial conditions, floor area, labour cost (skilled and unskilled) involved, maintenance, repair and space for installation are kept in mind while designing the plant. Gaslabs Asia, owned by SS Gas Lab, offers modular designs in its plant for the ease in maintenance and to make them affordable. Automation of the plant is done with utmost care to befit the specific industrial requirement and to provide maximum production capacity.

Safety ensured in our plant

SS Gas Lab nitrous oxide plant is designed in a manner that enough space is left in the floor plan. The safety of different operations is an essential part in this plant. The extra floor space gives enough room to the workers and allows free movement during subsequent operations.

Gaslabs Asia makes a wide variety of plants from semi-automatic to full PLC controlled

Gaslabs Asia can deliver manually, fully automated to semi automatic nitrous oxide plants in compliance with the industry requirements. The standard configuration and designing of our plant is done to befit the requirement and demands of the industry. In this plant, the inputs can be minimum, without compromising on gas purity, which is always at par with the world standards.

Nitrous Oxide

Chemical formula N2O
Molecular weight 44.0128
Specific volume at 15°C and 1 atm 0.533m3/kg
Specific gravity (air=1) 1.5297
Density at 15°C and 1 atm 1.877kg/m3
Specific heat at 15°C and 1 atm 0.866kj/kg (°C)

Consumption figures and costs
For 25 Kg and 50 Kg/hr plant
NH4NO3 2.1 kg/kg of N2O produced
Electrical power 0.5kw/hr of N2O produced
+ 1% Depending on Local Conditions & Equipment
Water 0.4m3/kg of N2O Produced
Labour 2 operators per shift
Space for plant 16kg-25kg/hr 50kg/hr
L 4 meter - 15 meter
W 4 meter - 5 meter
H 4 meter - 4 meter


Purity is 99.9% and meets the European and American pharmaceutical standards.

Recycling water makes consumption much less
The acidic water generated from the plant can be utilized with an optional effluent treatment unit configured in our plant. The acidic water is neutralized, filtered and used back, due to which water consumption in the plant is reduced considerably. Electrical consumption is minimum in the plant and the installed load is mainly due to compressor motor, refrigeration compressor and heaters.

Cylinders testing station
A Cylinder Testing Station (optional) can be configured in the plant to test the cylinders. Furthermore, a vacuum pump can be also be configured to evacuate the cylinders that may contain some left over impure nitrous oxide.

Batch testing lab is a must
The site should be equipped with a small laboratory to maintain complete analysis of batch produced in the plant. The plant, being automatic, requires only 2 persons to operate per shift besides a chemist.

Various plant capacities available
We can offer wide array of Nitrous Oxide Plants with different capacities, vis. 15kg/hr, 25kg/hr, 50kg/hr and 100kg/hr. Our plants are skid mounted to minimize erection time and commissioning at the site.

Complete back up and support
We provide complete installation and after service support to our clients for our nitrous oxide plant. We train our client’s personnel and operators, for the plant operation. The plant operational and functional problems, if any arises, are resolved therein. The quality and functionality of our plant is checked at the client’s location, to ensure hassle free operations of our plant.

Fully equipped research and test lab
We perform batch testing and continual improvements in our plant, in our fully equipped in-house research and test laboratory

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