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carbon dioxide gas plants

carbon dioxide gas plants carbon dioxide gas plants carbon dioxide gas plants
Nitrous Oxide Gas Plant
Nitrous Oxide Gas Plant Nitrous Oxide Gas Plant


 Applications of Co2 Gas
We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of carbon dioxide gas plants. There are various applications of CO2 in several industries or for commercial purposes. CO2 is a part of natural cycle and is an essential for balanced environment. Some of the broad applications of CO2 are given below -
  • CO2 is used in soft drinks that is responsible for sparkles and sizzling effects in these drinks. It is also an agent that aids the process of digestion.
  • CO2 finds extensive use in MIG welding and in foundries. Specifically, it is used to cure moulds and casts using sodium silicate as binder.
  • It is used effectively in controlling fire by filling CO2 in cartridges and it is used in fire extinguishers.
  • The solid form of CO2 is known as dry ice. Dry ice has multiple uses in food preservation and transportation of the same. It is used in the purification, cleaning and preparation of surfaces before painting, polishing, cleaning, cooling of rubber and other type of moulds & dies.
  • CO2 has great uses as a fumigant for grain storage and as a herbicide in tea plantations. This is a preferred natural preservative over the use of synthetic/chemical pesticides because of its antibacterial properties, and because it is an environmental friendly method. The treatment with CO2 retains original flavour, taste and texture of food products.
  • The Dry ice form of CO2 is used for maintaining low temperatures in the process of refrigeration and in chemical industries. It is also used in cryogenic grinding and tempering for shaving blades.
  • CO2 is widely used for shrink fitting in automobile and other industries. It finds several uses in engineering industries as a substitute to cutting oil. It is a better option as it produces lesser pollution.
  • For transporting and storing of explosives, CO2 is used, as it reduces the risk of explosion to a great extent.

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