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 CO2 Cylinder Manifold System
Cylinder Manifold System
SSGLA CO2 manifold system enables the consumers to draw CO2 gas at one place, and thus mishandling of the CO2 cylinders is avoided to a greater extent. All this eliminates the carriage of individual cylinders at different locations, where MIG welding sets/ user system are located. A special system is incorporated in the CO2 cylinder manifold system due to which low pressure gas (required by the user) can be sent through the pipeline.

SSGLA CO2 manifold system is properly configured, inter-locked, safe and it ensures trouble free service. CO2 is transported in the cylinder or storage tankers in liquid form and is evaporated and expanded to lower pressure. During this process, CO2 is cooled, and it results in pressure oscillation.

Advantages of SSGLA CO2 cylinder manifold system are specified below:

  • No exterior heater / steam required.
  • Clean system.
  • No full time operator required.
  • No internal freezing.
  • No pressure oscillation.
  • Clean CO2 can be obtained as the impurities get filtered off.
  • CO2 can be supplied without interruptions, when the cylinders are changed.
  • Economical on energy, CO2 and time.
SSGLA manifold system supplies the gaseous CO2 at desired outlet pressure. We can install up to 4 outlets with 4 different outlet pressures, in compliance with your requirements. Gas outflow pressure can be varied between 1 to 16 bars. The time required for installation of the system is minimum. The CO2 gas can be handled in pure & moisture free state, as per International Manufacturing Code/ ASME Standards. Distinct features like dryers and oil filters can be configured in the system at extra cost, if the gas contains moisture or oil. Apart from all these, an alarm system can also be configured to indicate low pressure in cylinder.

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