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co2 storage tanks co2 storage tanks co2 storage tanks
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 CO2 Storage Tanks
SS Gas Lab CO2 storage tanks are designed to benefit the requirements of the industries that do not own CO2 plants or their gas requirements vary with the operational speed.

Advantages of our CO2 storage tanks are listed below:

CO2 Storage Tanks
  • Completely safe for bulk CO2 storage.
  • Configured with modern safety devices, refrigerants and insulators which prevent the loss of gas by evaporation and liquid CO2.
  • Constructed from best and low temperature steel and the fabrication process of these tanks is duly checked by internationally approved inspection agencies.
  • Valves & fittings are approved by controller of explosives.
  • Polyurethane insulation and aluminium cladding is provided along with magnetic level indicator.
  • Refrigeration system is controlled logically and it maintains the temperature inside the tank.

Lorry Mounted CO2 Tankers

Lorry Mounted CO2 Tankers
SS Gas Lab lorry mounted co2 tankers are designed in different capacities to make them suitable for the existing chasis. The PU insulation of these tankers is of higher thicknesses as no refrigeration system mostly required therein. Also, the material of construction, low temperature steel is carefully chosen. After insulation, aluminum cladding is done. Further, the tanker is provided with suitable piping arrangement on which safety valves, inlet-outlet pressure gauges and other safety and approved fittings are mounted.

To suit local stipulation of explosives directorate, the essential chasis modifications can also be done. The fabrications and drawings are approved and supervised by international inspection agencies. We can undertake following modifications on the chasis, viz. height barrier, barrier around the tank, modification in the position of battery, rear red light and rear bumper.

Long Distance Transportable Tankers

Long Distance Transportable Tankers
Long distance gas transportation tankers have a storage tank, designed in compliance with ISO standard. The storage tank is housed in a frame. All the containers are made to BS-5500. These gas transportation tankers are suitable for transportation by road, ship or rail.

Technical Data
TEST PRESSURE upto 30 kg/cm2
MATERIAL Low temp. steel
CAPACITY RANGE 1 to 100 tons

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 Evaporators & Vaporizers
CO2 is usually stored in its liquid state in low pressure vessel and is evaporated for use individually applicable. Gas Lab Asia has developed industrial evaporators & vaporizers to reduce costs for CO2 vaporization. These are of following types:-

Atmospheric Vaporizers

In this, ambient air that is available at no cost is used and thus considerable energy saving is achieved as compared to the electric vaporizers. Installation can be done easily as the vaporizers are supplied in one unit ready for use. These atmospheric vaporizers consist of a special heat exchanger with copper tubes and aluminum blades.

Air Cryogenic Vaporizers

Air Cryogenic Vaporizers
Fin vaporizers consists of two or more finned aluminum elements, manifold together around seamless S.S high pressure tube and mounted vertically. Each element features eight fins that provide high capacity performance and faster defrosting. Standard element heights have approximately five sq. ft. of external heat exchanger surface per ft. of length obtaining maximum surface per liner foot.

There are no moving parts and no additional power or utilities required. These units are especially economical and maintenance free, yet highly efficient for vaporizing gases or fluids.

Air cryogenic vaporizer has element spacing substantially greater than convectional; natural convection ambient vaporizers and therefore permits continuous operation without defrosting characteristic of convectional units.

Steam Heated Vaporizers

Steam Heated Vaporizers
Wherever steam is available at the site e.g with bottlers, breweries etc., steam evaporator is a very cost effective system of evaporation of liquid CO2. Steam heated vaporizer is a twin tube heat exchanger. Liquid CO2 is in the center tube and steam is in the shell.

Steam evaporator eliminates the use of expansive electrical energy, which is required on other types of evaporators. The principle behind working steam heated vaporiser is that the sensible heat of steam is used to vaporise liquid CO2 and the condensate is automatically removed. The capacity of evaporator can be designed to most sufficient heat transfer. Shut off valves, safety valves reduction valves and filters are provided to ensure trouble free working of the equipment. Steam trap is also provided to economize on the consumption of the steam and automate removal of condensate.

Electrical Vaporizers

Electrical Vaporizers
Here, air (atmosphere) is blown into the set of finned tubes through which liquid CO2 is circulated for evaporation. Two sets are generally used. When one is used then it gets forested due to low temperature of liquid CO2 starts evaporating. The previously used tube gets ready once again. By this process, change over takes place at regular interval. This process continues to give continuous stream of evaporated CO2 gas.

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