dry ice making machines SS Gas Lab Asia dry ice making machines
dry ice storage boxes

dry ice storage boxes dry ice making machines dry ice storage boxes
Nitrous Oxide Gas Plant
Nitrous Oxide Gas Plant Nitrous Oxide Gas Plant

dry ice storage boxes CO2 GAS PLANT

 Equipment & Accessories for CO2 Application
Some of the effective equipment that are used for CO2 applications are mentioned below. The details of the equipment and accessories are also explained

Dry Ice Making Machines

There are different types of machines used to make dry ice in different forms. We can make dry ice in cylindrical form, tablet form or in pallet form. Given below are the dimensions of cylindrical form only.
Top Dia 15 cms (6 inches)
Length 23 cms (9 to 12 inches)
Temp. of the cake -800c
Time required to make a cake 30 seconds
Weight 7 - 8 kgs.

Dry Ice Making Machines comes in different capacities.
Dry Ice Making Machines
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Dry Ice Storage Boxes

Dry Ice Storage Boxes
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PU insulated with fiber glass body, these dry ice storage boxes ensure minimum evaporation. Quite sturdy for transportation.
CO2 Purity Tester

Purity Tester
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Special purity measuring burette for gaseous CO2 exactitude of measurement up to .1% by volume.

Snow Maker

Snow Maker
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For the production of CO2 snow in laboratories.

Capacity : 1 kg/5min = 1Bag
Flue Gas Analyzer

Flu Gas Analyzer
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Flue gas analyzers used for analyzing the percentage of CO2 in flue gases. This flue gas analyzer is endurable to temperature range from -35°C to 65°C and offers a scale accuracy within .5 to 1% of scale reading.

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