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Nitrous Oxide Gas Plant
Nitrous Oxide Gas Plant Nitrous Oxide Gas Plant


 Plant Supplies
Established as one of the leading suppliers of various plants & equipment, we cater to diverse industrial segments. All our machinery, plants & equipment are quality certified & conform to international quality standards. Leveraging in our modern manufacturing capabilities & extensive market resource, we can fabricate and also procure desired machinery for our clients. Client's specification plays a vital role in engineering any plant or machinery, as it meets the exacting application requirement. This further, enhances our capability to cater to customers specific requirement.

The extensive range of plants & machinery that we offer include:

- Acid slurry
- Activated carbon
- Aluminum sulphate ferric / Non ferric
- Aluminum utensils
- Ammonium bi carbonate
- Baking powder
- B- nepthol / Bon acid
- Calcium chloride soil / Fused (Liquid)
- Close circuity TV
- Copper sulphate
- Cooling towers
- Chlorinated paraffin wax
- Electric fans
- Extraction of silver form waste hypo solution
- Ferrous sulphate
- Guar gums
- Lead recovery form waste batteries
- Liquid ammonia
- Magnesium sulphate
- Mentha oil
- Nut bolts
- Phyenyls
- Plastic items form extruder / Blow moulding process
- Potassium bi carbonate
- Potassium silicate (Electrode Grade)
- Precipitated silica
- Pressure corkers
- Pure acids
- PVC shoes / Chappels
- PVC wires
- Reclamation of nickel form waste catalyst
- Reclamation of oil form waste mobile oil
- Refractories
- Refrigeration units
- Room coolers (Desent Coolers)
- Silica gel
- Soaps / Detergents (Powder, Cake, Liquid)/ Shaving cream
- Sulphur powder
- Sodium sulphite
- Sodium meta bi sulphite
- Surgical cottons / surgical instrument
- S.S cutlery
- Small drink units
- Sodium meta silicate
- Sodium silicate neutral/ Alkaline grade
- Silica gel
- Tooth paste
- Winding copper wire
- Zinc oxide
- Zinc sulphate

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