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dry ice plants industrial dry ice plants dry ice plants
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 Dry Ice Plants
Dry Ice is produced by lowering the pressure of liquid CO2, through a nozzle or other constriction. A portion of the liquid CO2 is passed through the nozzle, vaporized and the remaining liquid is cooled at a very low temperature. This process converts the final material into snow that is known as “Dry Ice” or Solid Carbon dioxide.

Dry ice is available at a temperature of -80°C. It is regarded as one of the useful tools that has found several applications in various industrial and commercial purposes.

Dry Ice Plants

Dry Ice Plants

Dry Ice Plants
Some of the applications are-

  • It lowers the temperature, the dry ice evaporates in food preservation and transportation processes. It is extensively used for preservation of meat especially when it is transported to longer distances. In lowering temperature and cryo grinding.
  • Heat sensitive chemical reactions are carried at lower temperature. The temperature is lowered by dry ice.
  • Tempering of blades is primarily done with the use of dry ice.
  • Shrink fitting is done by using dry ice for closer tolerances.
  • Dry ice is being used for cleaning, blasting, using small pellets. This is similar to the conventional shot blasting except that the shot is replaced by small pellets of dry ice. The dry ice evaporates to CO2 gas instead of spoiling environment with sand /solvent /water / metal. Thus, it is an environmental friendly process and Dry ice blasting is a better alternative as compared to other traditional cleaning methods.
  • Some of the benefits of dry ice blasting technology are
    • Decreases downtime through cleaning in-place.
    • Causes faster and more thorough cleaning.
    • Eliminates any chances of equipment damage.

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