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effluent treatment plant effluent treatment plants Effluent Treatment Plants
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 Effluent Treatment Plants
Effluent Treatment Plant
The nature of effluents varies from one industry to another. The total quantity of effluents, nature of effluents (whether gaseous, liquid or solid), the flow rate, temperature, total solids/ suspended solids, level of BOD, COD, Oils, grease, pH value (whether acidic or alkaline). Heavy metals and toxic ions would need to be fully known after analysis so that proper treatment methodology can be suggested.

Our team of experts suggest and implement the complete package for effluent treatment. We supply equipment of sturdy design, corrosion resistant material for constructions that require minimum maintenance. The equipment are fabricated under strict quality control methods, supervision and inspection as per the international norms. We supply aerobic or anaerobic effluent treatments. We also supply plants based on evaporation.

Some of the equipment regularly used in the convectional treatment plants are -
  • Manual / Auto bar screen
  • Mechanism
  • Oil trap / Oil skimmers
  • Aeration grids
  • Acid alkali grids
  • Alum, Lime
  • Poly-electrolyte
  • Nutrient dosing system
  • Primary & secondary
  • Clarifier
  • Settling basins / Rectangular clarifier
  • Surface aerators, aeration
  • Sludge recirculation system, sludge handling equipment
  • Sludge drying beds thickness
  • Vacuum filters

The natural water always contains impurities in the form of suspended solids and dissolved solids. The quantum of impurities depend upon the source of raw water. Thus available water must be treated by different processes before its use.

With long years of experience in the field, we recommend the most efficient treatment scheme. Our qualified engineers are committed to serve you and solve your problems related to waste and water treatment.

Some of the methods used for Water treatment are-
Chemical Dosing:
Pot type proportionate on-line chemical doser, gravity type chemical doser, and full fledged chemical dosing system with tank metering pumps and piping etc.

Package Drinking :
Include chemical dosing, flashmixing, flocculation, settling filtration and disinfection in single portable package plant. Tube settlers can also be provided for compactness.

Swimming Pool Water Treatment:
Total system comprising compact filters, hair strainers coagulation, chlorination and pH correction units, overflow nozzles, cascade aerators, suction sweepers and other pool fittings.

Filtration Plants:
Vertical and horizontal pressure sand filters, gravity filters, activated carbon filters, cartridge filters, iron removal filters etc.

Supply Formulated Chemicals:
We supply water treatment chemicals for coagulation, chlorination and de-scaling chemicals for boilers feed, oxygen scavagers, sequestering agents, corrosion prevention chemicals, algaecide chemicals for cooling water treatment, deforming agents, corrosion inhibitors, effluent naturalizations chemicals etc.

Pretreatment Plants:
Various mixers, agitators, flash flocculators, clarifier settling tanks, tube settles etc.

Chemical Cleaning:
We undertake complete job of pre-commissioning and post operational chemical cleaning of boilers, deaerators, pipe line condensers, coolers, heat exchangers and other special equipment for removal of oil, grease mill scales, hardness scales, copper and iron oxide scale etc.

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 DM Systems
Water is one of the most naturally available elements. It is also one of the most contaminated ones. A number of minerals readily dissolve into water. These have to be removed from the raw water, before it can be used for any industrial applications.

A demineralizer (DM) removes these minerals from the raw water by an ion-exchanges process. The process first exchanges the cations of the salts for hydrogen ions and then, exchanges the anions of the salts for the hydroxyl ions

Our DM systems use the most modern ion-exchange technology to produce chemically pure water. Our DM systems :-
Give chemically pure water-instantly and continuously, year after year.
Have durable resins of the highest quality
Comes with the convectional conductivity meter.
Are easy to operate and needs practically no attention after it is installed.
Can be connected directly to any water supply mains.
Is delivered promptly.
Is available in a wide range, and of low – rates to suit all type of customers.

Wide Range of Applications

Chemically pure, demineralized water is an ideal substitute for distilled water in a wide range of applications in industries like
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Surface cleaning
  • Chemicals
  • Electronics
  • Paints
Our softeners have the following advantages over convectional softeners-
  • Battery manufacturing
  • High pressure boiler
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratory
  • Researches technology
  • Distilleries

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