Passion for innovation, practical solutions and the relentless pursuit of excellence are the founding pillars of SS GASLAB Asia's business philosophy. We are technologists, and we prefer to remain. We refuse to be driven by profits alone. Having a firm belief in this philosophy and living it throughout has not been an easy task but we have and make every effort to carry it forward into the future. Our unparalleled experience, passion for the environment, global reach, practical innovation and superior quality are the cornerstones of our philosophy.


Inspired by his father's decades of work in manufacturing Carbon dioxide in the first such plants in the nation, our Founding Chairman Dr. Aggarwal, a distinguished alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mumbai and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology, Russia, started designing Carbon Dioxide systems in 1980.

Dr. Aggarwal together with the organization, installed many CO2 production and recovery systems across the country.

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Design & Manufacturing

With a strong engineering team committed to innovate and validate processes for industrial gases GASLAB remains one of the few innovators in this industry.

Computer aided design, a solid foundation of research with international partners, and vast experience around the world is at the very core of the design process here at GASLAB.

GASLAB has a modern and comprehensive fabrication facility for pressure vessels, heat exchanges and distillation and packed columns complying with ASME, DIN, PED & IS Standards. This state of the art manufacturing base and in house R&D Centre in Delhi NCR enables us to continuously outperform the competition.

R&D Initiatives

As a part of its commitment towards continual improvement and technical excellence GASLAB has an in-house R&D facility to study gas processes, collaborating with many Indian and International research institutes to research and develop existing and new processes.

Especially close to our heart, research on Carbon Capture & Sequestration is actively being pursued in the in-house R&D Centre. GASLAB recently showcased its first CO2 sequestration technology in 2014. (Patent applied for).


S.S. Aggarwal

Chairman: Ph.D. (Chem. Engineering)

  • Distinguished alumnus, IIT for outstanding contribution in the process Gas Industry
  • Designed one of India’s first CO2 Generation systems
  • Over 50 years of experience

Jayanti Goela


Masters in Business, University of Delhi.

Brought group in to international market.

Over 30 years of experience.


Keshav Goela

Director Projects

Industrial engineer. (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta)

Six sigma professional

Project management professional.


S.K. Chatterjee

Director Technology

Harcourt Butler Technical University (HBTU) Kanpur

Experience of over 30 years in designing of Gas Plants.


Rajiv Goela

Director (Finance)

Chartered Accountant with unparalleled experience spanning three decades as a successful entrepreneur.

Played a pivotal role in setting up the 1st CO2 plant in Haryana

Handling legal and financial matters


Ashok Kumar

Independent Director

Chemical Engineer (Gold Medalist), who believes in preparation and professionalism.

Proved his mettle at the helm of NITCON, Chandigarh as the managing director

Gathered rich insights of the international business and built an enviable network across the globe.


Miguel P Smurawski

Area Representative- EU

Mechanical engineer with MBA in marketing

International business & sales experience in the American,
European and GCC Countries.

Strategic adviser of GASLAB with over 7 years in the CO2 business.

Our Teams

Our Team

The company is headed by a high competent techno-commercial team under whose guidance GASLAB has steadily penetrated the export market and is making its presence felt all over the world in the field of industrial gas plants.