#AMINE Based Enrichment

  • Amine based biogas enrichment technology is a highly established technology for the removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from biogas, also known as chemical absorption.

In amine based biogas enrichment technology, CO2 is absorbed by an amine solution. The amine solution is a liquid that contains a chemical compound called amine.

The biogas is passed through a tower filled with the amine solution. The CO2 molecules in the biogas are absorbed by the amine solution. The remaining biogas, which is now enriched with methane, exits the tower.

The amine solution is then heated, which releases the CO2 molecules. The CO2 molecules are then released into the atmosphere or collected for other purposes.

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There are several advantages of amine based biogas enrichment technology. These include:

  • Can be used to produce biogas with very high purity methane.
  • Reliable technology that has been used in other industries for many years.
  • Cost-effective, especially for large and very large size plants.
  • It operates at low operating pressures.