#Agriculture and Horticulture

  • In greenhouse cultivation, CO2 enrichment is employed to supplement the natural CO2 levels. to promote more efficient photosynthesis, leading to enhanced plant growth, larger yields, and improved crop quality.

  • In controlled indoor environments, such as vertical farms and hydroponic systems, CO2 supplementation is used to boost plant growth and ensure optimal conditions for various crops.

  • CO2 is used as a carrier gas for the application of certain pesticides and herbicides in agricultural fields. This helps to deliver the chemicals effectively to the target plants.

  • In tissue culture and micropropagation labs, CO2 is used to regulate the pH of the media and provide a controlled environment for the growth of plant tissues and cells.

  • CO2 is a crucial factor in various plant research and studies, helping scientists and researchers understand plant responses to different environmental conditions.

  • In hydroponic and aquaponic systems, where plants are grown in nutrient-rich water solutions, CO2 supplementation enhances plant growth and nutrient uptake.

  • In some cases, CO2 is used to promote seed germination and seedling development in controlled environments.