#On-site CO2 Generation

  • In the realm of desalination plants, the utilization of CO2 emerges as a pivotal concern, encompassing both cost implications and availability. Especially in the context of the Middle East, where the supply of CO2 faces increasing shortages amidst an abundance of affordable fossil fuels and natural gas, owners and operators are seeking ingenious solutions. Enter GAS LAB's innovative on-site CO2 generation plants, a pragmatic and cost-effective avenue to fulfill process requisites.

Why Choose GAS LAB's Tailored CO2 Generation Systems?

  • At GAS LAB, we recognize the intricate balance between operational expenditure (OPEX) and capital expenditure (CAPEX). Our custom-designed CO2 generation systems harmonize the plant's unique needs while upholding a financially viable approach, resulting in a rapid payback period. We extend our expertise to aid customers in conducting comprehensive make-or-buy analyses, ensuring the most suitable path forward. Impeccably constructed with stainless steel and fortified with marine-grade paint, our plants are ideally suited for seashore installations, enduring the harshest environments.
Generation Systems

Embracing Innovation through Modular Design

Our commitment to innovation is evident in our modular plant design. Not only does this innovative approach streamline spatial requirements, but it also curtails civil work and installation timelines, effectively reducing overall expenses. Integrated with advanced PLC systems, our CO2 generation plants operate seamlessly, ensuring efficiency and minimizing downtime. With real-time remote monitoring capabilities, our systems offer around-the-clock support, a testament to our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Charting a Sustainable Path Towards Net-Zero

GAS LAB's ethos extends beyond efficient operations. By implementing in-house CO2 generation, our clients actively diminish their carbon footprint, embracing a crucial step towards achieving net-zero emissions. This environmental stewardship is a testament to our commitment to a greener future.

Unveiling the Plant's Pinnacle Features

  • Robust control systems: Our generation systems feature reliable control mechanisms, including a central non-redundant PLC, facilitating comprehensive monitoring. For the initial 3 months, we provide complimentary web monitoring and remote troubleshooting.
  • Compliant excellence: All pressure vessels adhere to ASME standards and undergo meticulous inspection by renowned international agencies such as BVIS, DNV, and TÜV.
  • Ingenious amine design: Our low-pressure amine system eliminates the need for a pressure vessel, enhancing safety and efficiency.
  • Optimal chemical consumption: GAS LAB's plants achieve the lowest chemical consumption rates, contributing to economic viability.
  • Practical substitution: GAS LAB advocates the use of NaOH over Na2CO3, eliminating the cumbersome solid handling that characterizes the latter. This shift proves especially cost-effective in Middle Eastern contexts.
  • Tailored perfection: We specialize in custom solutions that guarantee safe, efficient, reliable, and user-friendly operation.
  • Built to endure: Our shell and tube heat exchangers redefine reliability, boasting superior leak resistance and longevity. Minimal maintenance ensures sustained performance.

GAS LAB: Your Partner in Redefining CO2 Generation

At GAS LAB, we transcend industry standards, catalyzing a revolution in CO2 generation. Our unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Embrace the future with us, as we pave the way towards greener, more efficient desalination practices. Join the journey today.