#Advanced CO2 Dosing

  • With decades of experience with CO2 and desalination water application, GAS LAB offers advanced dosing solution for pH control. CO2 can be introduced using various techniques such as CO2 gas Injection System (CISe®) and Carbonic acid Injection System (CISx®).

  • CISe® is a traditional method of CO2 dosing. It offers a safe, economical and eco-friendly method of injecting CO2 as micro bubbles into permeate water. In this method, CO2 gaseous contact surface with water is increased to enhance the solubility of into water stream.

  • While the CISe® system is recognized as a traditional method, its longevity and resilience in CO2 dosing cannot be understated. Having been deployed in multiple settings over the years, it has proven its reliability, making it a trusted choice for many desalination plants globally. The process of microbubble injection not only ensures optimal CO2 water contact but also contributes to a gentle mixing, minimizing any potential disruption to the water stream. Furthermore, the nature of microbubble generation in the CISe® system can significantly reduce the need for mechanical agitators, further streamlining the dosing process. Its simplicity and robustness can provide long-term value, especially in scenarios where consistent operation with minimal intervention is desired.

Oil and Gas Industry
  • Whereas, CISx® is an innovative dosing solution from GAS LAB that offers superior CO2 dissolution with guaranteed dissolution efficiency of 95% (minimum). This method provides accurate pH control and maximum conversion efficiency with overall cost-effectiveness when compared to total project cost factors such as lesser footprint, elimination of external absorbers & degasifiers, saving on CO2 requirement, lesser O&M, etc. CISx® offers a quick response to unstable water The system is quick, safe, and easy to install and doesn't require external equipment like degassers or absorbers. It also protects your piping and other downstream equipment as there is no free CO2. CISx® offers a significant reduction in per m3 of desalinated water cost.

Why choose CISx® over CISe®?

  • At GAS LAB, remineralisation techniques for desalination plants is one of our core expertise. We carry a thorough understanding of upstream and downstream processes and have developed various techniques with the intention of enhancing the overall efficiency of your desalination system and minimizing the total cost of ownership.
  • Carbonic acid Injection System (CISx®), offers an enhanced dissolution efficiency standing at a minimum of 95%, ensuring the optimal consumption of CO2 used for remineralization.
  • Let us illustrate the efficiency of this system with an example: Assume your desalination facility is located in the GCC and requires 100-kg/h CO2 to be absorbed by water. With our CISx® technology, you can cut your carbon dioxide requirements by a significant 15%, i.e. 15kg/h of CO2 (which is around 131,400kg/year). Even more, if the system is poorly designed.
  • Besides reducing the amount of CO2 required, the CISx® technology also offers other benefits such as accurate pH control, faster reactions and additional indirect savings due to optimization of pH-sensitive chemicals.