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  • GAS LAB and CARBONETICS Forge a World-First Alliance in AI-Driven Commercial Carbon Capture Projects

    Posted on: 08-01-2024 | 6 minute read
Cement Industry

Noida, India - In a landmark development for the carbon capture industry, GAS LAB Asia, a leader in CO2 technologies, and Carbonetics Carbon Capture, an innovator in AI-driven carbon capture solutions, announced their groundbreaking partnership today. This collaboration represents the first-of-its-kind integration of GAS LAB's extensive experience in CO2 capture and applications with the advanced AI-led design and plant monitoring capabilities of Carbonetics. It marks a new era in carbon capture technology, bringing artificial intelligence to industrial-scale carbon capture.

GAS LAB has been at the forefront of CO2 solutions for 60 years, mastering various technologies in CO2 separation, recovery, and application across diverse industrial domains, including alcobev and desalination. The company's presence in key carbon capture markets such as the EU, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Oman, and India positions the partnership for global impact.

Carbonetics is contributing its innovative generative AI design technology to the partnership, aiming to reduce both capital and operational costs significantly. The company is introducing groundbreaking business models such as carbon capture as a service (CCaaS), co-ownership, and O&M services, bringing a new level of confidence to owning and operating industrial carbon capture plants.

The partnership extends to a research agreement through GAS LAB's DST-recognised Dr. S.S. Aggarwal Research Center, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge innovations that substantially lower the lifecycle cost of CO2 capture.

Ms. Jayanti Goela, CEO of GAS LAB, emphasized the synergy of the partnership: "This partnership merges GAS LAB's robust market presence and research focus with Carbonetics' groundbreaking AI technology, setting a new standard in carbon capture solutions and addressing climate challenges directly."

Mr. Yash Agarwal, Co-Founder of Carbonetics, shared his excitement about the collaboration: "Our AI technology perfectly complements GAS LAB's experience. This partnership is a major step towards the net zero journey for hard-to-abate sectors".

For more information on the technology and services offered by Carbonetics, please visit CARBONETICS Technology

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